Welcome to Mid-Montana Insurance! We are here to help you find the perfect insurance to protect your farm/ranch, crop, home & autos plus much more.

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Farming and Ranching is not just a job it’s a lifestyle.  We specialize in farm/ranching operations; there are no two farm or ranch operations that are alike.

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Home & Auto Insurance

You put so much more than money into your home and your possessions. We protect the roof over your head and everything under it, especially your piece of mind. We offer protection that you can trust with affordable rates, and outstanding service.

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Crop Insurance

Coverage can be divided into Crop Hail and Multiple Peril Crop Insurance. Crop Hail covers your crops for a dollar amount per acre against the perils of Hail & Fire.

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-Latest News-

Tips to Avoiding Auto Warranty Scams

Purchasing a car, whether it’s new or used, can present unexpected problems when car buyers are duped into buying extended warranties that provide little to no value to their car. Some drivers purchase service warranties to mitigate the unexpected cost of auto repairs. A vehicle service warranty, also known as an extended warranty, is a [...]

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Organic Crop Insurance Is Flourishing

Image courtesy of Flickr, Brendan DeBrincat   It is no secret that crop insurance can be a making or breaking point for most farmers. With instances such as, droughts and floods threatening the livelihood of Montana Farmers, comprehensive Organic Crop insurance is on the rise. In May, USDA Secretary Vilsack announced additional comprehensive crop insurance options for organic [...]

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Preventing Tractor Injuries: Staying Safe on Your Farm

Tractors are essential pieces of equipment on several farms in Montana. Their use helps farm owners quickly complete various jobs, but they can be very dangerous machinery if not used properly or if manufacturing defects are present. According to the National Safety Council, tractor accidents are the leading cause of injury and death on farms. [...]

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Asbestos a Silent Health Hazard

  Chances are if you knew that your home was riddled with a hazardous material you would try to rid yourself of the problem or move your family out of the contaminated home. Asbestos exposure often times gets dismissed as a construction workers issue.  In fact, one of the common misconceptions is that construction workers [...]

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Teens Know the Risks, but Don’t Believe They Fit the Mold

 Throughout the United States teen are taking over the driver’s seat and setting out on roadways. For many parents this can be a concerning reality due to social and safety concerns.  Not to mention, modern technology. There appears to be a disconnect between acceptable driving behavior and what many teens believe they and their friend [...]

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