Welcome to Mid-Montana Insurance! We are here to help you find the perfect insurance to protect your farm/ranch, crop, home & autos plus much more.

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Farming and Ranching is not just a job it’s a lifestyle.  We specialize in farm/ranching operations; there are no two farm or ranch operations that are alike.

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Home & Auto Insurance

You put so much more than money into your home and your possessions. We protect the roof over your head and everything under it, especially your piece of mind. We offer protection that you can trust with affordable rates, and outstanding service.

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Crop Insurance

Coverage can be divided into Crop Hail and Multiple Peril Crop Insurance. Crop Hail covers your crops for a dollar amount per acre against the perils of Hail & Fire.

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-Latest News-

Teens Know the Risks, but Don’t Believe They Fit the Mold

 Throughout the United States teen are taking over the driver’s seat and setting out on roadways. For many parents this can be a concerning reality due to social and safety concerns.  Not to mention, modern technology. There appears to be a disconnect between acceptable driving behavior and what many teens believe they and their friend [...]

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It’s Not the Ice: New Report Says that Montana Roads are the Pits

Despite slick and icy roads this season being the cause of a lot of headaches a new report found that deteriorating bridges and roads are the main reason for accidents and automobile deaths. According TRIP, a national transportation research group, Montana ranks third for highway fatalities. Furthermore, the report found that many of the roads, [...]

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Protect Your Car and Your Wallet this Winter: Tips For Avoiding Accidents

For the better part of 2 months, severe weather has wrecked havoc over most of the north western states in the U.S. Snow storms and below freezing temperatures have damaged trees and made roads dangerous obstacle courses. With these storms comes unforeseen devastation to automobiles. The hazards may be inescapable but you can reduce the [...]

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From Your Farm to Their Tables: Protecting Your Farm with Crop and Farm Insurance

As many prepare to cook meals and prepare tables for the holiday season, it is often forgotten that these items come from the farms and ranches of thousands of Americans across the country. Farmers not only feed their families but help produce and raise food that makes its way to tables in households both big [...]

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Why Do I Need Farm Insurance?

The recent barrage of storms that have hit states like South Dakota has many Montana and North Western farming residents wondering what would have happened if it had been their farms and ranches affected. Weather and environmental conditions can vary month to month and even year-to-year. Just this September, farms were plagued with droughts and [...]

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